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Colortone Wood Seal

Colortone Wood Seal is a solvent based exterior UV protective water repellent finish for wood.

Colortone Wood Seal is available in clear, dark oak, mahogany, merranti and teak.

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  • Colortone Wood Seal is a solvent based exterior UV protective water repellent finish for wood.
  • Colortone Wood Seal is available in clear,dark oak, mahogany, merranti and teak.



  • Ensure that the entire wooden surface is dry and free of dirt and oil.
  • Remove all existing coatings from the wooden surface.
  • Remove all dust, wash down wooden surface and allow to dry.
  • Apply the first coat by diluting 10% of the quantity of Colortone Wood Seal can with an equal quantity of mineral turpentine.
  • Apply a further two undiluted coats of Colortone Wood Seal using a brush.
  • Under ideal conditions at 25c drying is approximately three to four days.
  • Product coverage is approximately 8-10 square meters per litre but may vary according to the type of wood.
  • Clean brushes with mineral turpentine.


  • This product is flammable.
  • Store in a cool dry area.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If contents are ingested,seek urgent medical attention.

Colortone Paints CC does not accept liability for any loss or damage incurred from the misapplication of their product.

Detailed Product & Application Information

Those of you who have participated in team sport knows what it’s like when the pressure is on. Who do you turn to to get your team out of trouble?
Who is your go-to player?

The same applies to timber coatings when deciding on what you are going to use for outdoor timber treatments.

Like good moisturiser to skin Colortones exterior Wood Seal is our go to player.
High in oils and waxes Colortone’s exterior Wood Seal will penetrate into your timber preventing your timber from shrinking and cracking and the waxes will repel the water that falls on it. The high ultraviolet pigments will reflect the harsh rays of the sun.

I always recommend Colortone’s Wood Seal for exterior projects only and not interior. The reason for this is the drying time as a result of the oils and waxes.
Rather use Colortone’s Wood Varnish for interior projects.

Colortone’s exterior Wood Seal is ideal for exterior window, doors, pergolas, wooden fences and wendy houses etc.

With such low maintenance Colortone Woodseal and can be recoated every two to three years.

I can not imply how important your preparation is.

  • Give your exterior timber surface a good sanding down using a 100 grit sandpaper.
  • Once this is done brush or wash off the dust.
  • Apply your first coat of Colortone Wood Seal and allow to dry.
    One should be able to recoat within a day but sometimes earlier depending on the temperature.
  • Two coats is sufficient but if you want to give a third coat then do so by all means.
  • For new wood I suggest you thin down the first coat using 9 parts Colortone Woodseal and 1 part mineral turpentine.
    This will ensure better penetration.
  • It is not necessary to sand in between coats like that of Colortone’s Wood Varnish. This is because the Colortone Wood Seal penetrates very easily into the timber.
  • Brushes can be cleaned with mineral turpentine.
  • Please ensure that you use a drop sheet when painting.
    There is nothing more frustrating than when you are painting and have a beautifully completed project only to see how your patio or paving is stained.

Colortones Wood Seal can be purchased at your local paint outlet. It is available in 500ml,1lt,2.5lt and 5lt.
Colours available are clear, dark oak, mahogany, meranti and teak.
Have a look at our sample strips in store to see the difference in colour when Colortone Wood Seal is coated on pine and meranti.

The type of coverage of Colortone’s exterior Wood Seal depends on the type of timber used.
On pine wood you would get about 8-10 Square meters per litre and on merranti wood about 10-12 Square meters per litre.

The long term maintenance of Colortone’s exterior Wood Seal is very easy. Every two to three years just give your exterior timber a light sanding down and apply two neat coats of Colortone Wood Seal.
Please remember to stir your can of Colortone Wood Seal as the pigments often settle at the bottom of the can.

The projects that I have completed with Colortone’s exterior Wood Seal have been so rewarding.
One of my fondest memories is when I brought my pergola back to life.
It was looking very tired and old and the new ornamental vine growing over it was obviously getting a bit nervous as the pergola had not been coated in years. Once the pergola was coated the sight was amazing. What was even more special was when it rained the water just ran off the pergola and when the sun came out there was this beautiful picture of a pergola with the sun shining on it and the water droplets just sitting on top of the pergola.

Best of luck with your project.


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