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Most Asked Questions


Yes, for best results remove existing coatings from your wood surface with a sander (or Super Paint Stripper) and then sand down with a conventional sander for best results, before applying a new coating.

We recommend you use interior products only on interior wooden surfaces and exterior products on exterior wooden surfaces as each has its own formula and functionality.

Solvent based products are soluble in either mineral turpentine or thinners. Water based is a product soluble in water.

Check your nearest retail, paint, or hardware store for price.
Before you start using/applying the product make sure you give it a good stir and you’ll notice the colour is exactly what it’s meant to be.

Exterior Coatings & Treatments

Deck Protector is: Solvent-based, hardwood timber deck coating and has a Matt Finish. Deck Varnish is: Water-based, softwood timber deck coating and has a Sheen Finish.
We recommend using Colortone Wood Varnish, Wood Seal or Wood Coat for your wooden deck furniture.
For best drying results, apply Deck Varnish in the early morning, or late afternoon hours when the wooden deck surface temperature is cooler.
Whilst both are solvent-based, Wood Seal is for exterior use only. Wood Seal has a Matt Finish and Wood Varnish has a Gloss Finish.
Yes. Our Wood Coat can be used as a substitute for Wood Varnish. The 2-in-1 formula acts as both a sealant and varnish.
We recommend using Colortone’s Deck Varnish or Deck Protector for your softwood and hardwood timber decks.
Not really, if the correct product is used for the correct wooden surface.

Interior Coatings & Treatments

Yes, you can use Colortone Wood Stain on your exterior wooden surfaces, once properly prepped.
Yes, you can use Colortone Wood Stain on your hardwood floors, once properly prepped.
No, it can only be used on real wooden floors.
No, our Wood Varnish was created for real wooden surfaces.
We do not recommend you use Wood Varnish on floors. Rather use Floor Varnish on wooden floors.

Wood Prep & Maintenance

When coating wooden surfaces with Colortone Wood Varnish, Deck Varnish, Floor Varnish and Wood Coat for optimal results sand the wooden surface lightly in between each coat applied.
Give the surface a light sand followed by two maintenance coats every two years.


MP 90 can be over coated with acrylics, epoxies, vinyl’s, chlorinated rubbers, enamels and even coal tars.
Yes you can use MP 90 on galvanised iron. Remember to use a galvanised primer prior to applying MP90
Sand it down and clean the surface area
Can last up to two weeks depending how often the turf is cut.
We suggest every week a thin top coat can be coated over the thick base coat.