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Super Paint Stripper

Product: Super Paint Stripper (Exterior & Interior)
Colours: n/a
Available sizes: 500ml, 1lt and 5 litres
Colortone Super Paint Stripper is a lead-free, easy-to-use, brush-on scrape off gel used to prepare various surfaces for resurfacing.

Colortone Super Paint Stripper can be applied on wood, metal and stone surfaces coated with acrylics, oils, varnishes, and lacquers.

Super Paint Stripper application:
  • Stir the Super Paint Stripper contents well before use
  • Using a paintbrush apply a coat of Super Paint Stripper and allow the surface to bubble for 10-15 minutes
  • Thereafter, scrape off the bubbled surface with a paint scraper or stripping knife.
  • After scraping, wash all surfaces thoroughly with water
  • Clean brush with water
  • Ensure surfaces are dry before application of a further coating
  • Pro tip: Do not apply in hot conditions and ensure plenty of ventilation if applied indoors
Approx. coverage is 6m2 per litre