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Product: Sportsliner (Exterior)
Colours: White
Available sizes: 5 litres
Colortone Sportsliner is a concentrated, lead-free, water-based, acrylic line marker ideal for marking sports fields that will not damage your turf.

Turf preparation:
  • Make sure that the turf or sports field area is properly cut for best application and results
  Sportsliner application:
  • Use a line marking machine or brush for application
  • For new markings: dilute one-part Sportsliner with three parts water for application
  • For recoating existing markings: dilute one-part Sportsliner with five parts water
  • Clean brush or equipment with water
  • Approx. drying time is 1 hour at 25 degrees Celcius (weather dependent)
  • Approx. coverage is one-and-a-half sports fields per 5 litres