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MP 90

Product: MP 90 (Exterior)
Colours: Red, Grey, Black and White
Available sizes: 500ml, 1lt, 5lt and 20 litres
Finish: Suede
MP 90 is a water-based, lead-free, rapid drying, rust-inhibiting coating — a superior corrosion resistant primer for DIY domestic metal surfaces. It is a solvent-free, heavy primer coating with the broadest spectrum of properties for maintenance applications and can be applied in confined spaces without any damage or discomfort from fumes. MP 90’s super tough pigments alloy deep into the coated surface, preventing rust creep and under rusting.

MP 90 surface application:
  • If the iron surface being treated has been exposed to salty air, wash off thoroughly with fresh water
  • Brush off loose flakes and rust and remove all grease, grime and oil using a solvent-based degreaser. Followed by rinsing thoroughly
  MP 90 application:
  • Stir the Mp 90 contents well before use
  • Using a paintbrush apply the first coat, a dilutes solution of 70% MP 90 and 30% water for optimum penetration into surface and allow MP 90 to dry
  • Apply a second coat of MP 90 and allow it to dry for an hour
  • Once dried, for optimum results, apply a third finishing coat
  • Clean brush with water
  • Approx. drying time, MP 90 is rapid drying and can be handled after one hour
  • Pro tip: ideally MP 90 should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 48 hours
  • Approx. coverage is 8-10m2 per litre
  • MP 90 can be over coated with acrylics, epoxies, vinyls, chlorinated rubbers, enamels and even cool tars
  • MP 90 can be applied to new galvanised iron and bright steel
  • For galvanised or new steel, a galvanised primer is required