MP 90

MP 90

MP90 is a safe,rapid drying,rust inhibiting water based anti rust coating.
MP90 is a superior corrosion resistant primer for domestic and industrial metal surfaces.
MP90 is a heavy primer coating with the broadest spectrum of properties for maintenance applications.

Colours available : Red, Grey, Black and White.

Pack size . 500ml,1lt,5lt and 20lt

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MP90 is a safe, rapid drying, rust inhibiting water based anti rust coating.

MP90 is a heavy primer coating with the broadest spectrum of properties for maintenance applications.

MP90 is solvent free and can be applied in confined spaces without any damage or discomfort from fumes.

MP90 is rapid drying and be handled after one hour.

MP90 is easy to apply by brush and equipment is cleaned with water.

MP90’s super tough pigments alloys deep into the coated surface, preventing rust creep and under rusting.

MP90 is a superior corrosion resistant primer for domestic and industrial metal surfaces.

Colours available : Red, Grey, Black and White.

Recommended spread rate is 8-10 square meters per litre.

Pack size . 500ml, 1lt, 5lt and 20lt


Surface Preparation

  • If surface to be treated has been exposed to salty air wash off thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Brush off loose flakes and rust.
  • Remove all grease,grime and oil using a solvent based degreaser. Rinse thoroughly with fresh  water.
  • For your first coat apply a diluted solution 70% MP90 and 30% water for optimum penetration into your surface and allow MP90 to dry.
  • Apply a second coat of MP90 and allow to dry for an hour before applying a finishing coat.
  • Ideally MP90 should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 48 hours.


MP90 is a primer. For optimum results a finishing coat should be applied. MP90 can be over coated with acrylics , epoxies, vinyls, chlorinated rubbers, enamels and even coal tars.

For galvanised or new steel a galvanised primer is required.

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Detailed Product & Application Information

With South Africa’s general elections just around the corner many of us are still concerned of who we are going to vote for.
For me this is not that difficult. I will be casting my vote for MP90. Finally an MP I can trust. One man one coat I recommend two.

A few years ago I was travelling up North and was stuck in one of our country’s numerous road works projects. I sat there for close to half an hour.
While sitting there a farmer came up to me asked what does “Vote MP90” mean? He had read my bumper sticker.
I explained to him that MP90 is a water based anti rust coating.
His response was “wow so now we must vote for paint”.
We had a great chat and he mentioned that for years he had been using “Red Lead”. A highly toxic product. With new regulations relating to the use of lead in paints the poor farmer realised that he had to change his coating. Being in the agricultural sector his farm was due to be inspected by the local authorities.
I converted him there and then.

MP90 is a stunning water based lead free anti rust coating ideal for coating over previously rusted surfaces.
MP90 is quick drying and and rust inhibiting.
Available in black, grey, red and white and can be bought in 500ml,1lt and 5lt.

Preparation is vital here. Have you ever seen rust under a microscope.
Well it looks like something out of an alien movie. Lots of hooks and sharp objects.

  • Ensure that the rusted surfaces are well sanded down.
  • Wash down the newly prepared metal surface and allow to dry.
  • Water down your first coat of MP90 with 9 parts MP90 and 1 part water.
  • This will allow the MP90 to penetrate deep into the metal.
  • Being water based MP90 will be dry in about an hour. Give two further coats after this.

I have been asked if one can use MP90 on galvanised steel. My answer is simple. Yes you can but the preparation is pretty complicated. You will need to clean down the galvanised surface with a degreaser and then apply the MP90 over it. This can be very complicated and your specifications and instructions are vital here. Why make things difficult for yourself.
In my opinion I would stay away from this and rather use a galvanised primer.
MP90 is better for rusted surfaces like gates, fences, trailors and exterior steel structures.
MP90 can be used as either a prime coat or finishing coat and can be over coated with any acrylic and enamel.

South Africa’s coastline is well known for its rust problems. Whether you are right up the west coast, south coast or east coast rust will always be present.
I have seen numerous properties in such bad shape as result of the corrosion caused by rust.
Beautiful steel gates have looked like something out of a horror movie as a result of years and sometimes months of exposure to the salty sea air.
The cost of repairs and maintenance to properties these days is not cheap.
That is why coating your metal surfaces with MP90 is so important.
Do the hard work upfront and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

One customer of ours coated his boat trailer with MP90 and left it outside his house for over three years. To this day he says that the MP90 is still working and his trailer is in great condition.
You can apply MP90 by brush or conventional spray and equipment can be cleaned with water.
You should get about 8-10 square meters per litre.

Best of luck.


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