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/Wood Treatment Products

The first products manufactured by Colortone were Colortone Woodseal and MP90 anti rust coatings. We now manufacture a range of wood coatings for the retail paint and hardware industry. Specialising in the manufacture of top end interior and exterior wood treatments and related products and coatings.

Our product range consists of Woodcoat, Woodseal , Woodvarnish , Waterbased Deck VarnishDeck Protector ,  Floor Varnish, Woodstain , Vanity Varnish , MP90 anti rust coatings, Super Paint Stripper and Sports Liner white marking for sports fields.

  • COLORTONE WATER BASED WOOD COAT is a two in one lead free wood coating that acts as a sealer and a varnish to protect all types of exterior and interior wood from the suns harsh ultral violet rays . COLORTONE WATER BASED WOOD COAT is easy to apply and quick drying. COLORTONE WATER BASED WOOD COAT is available in teak, mahogany, dark oak, clear and white.
    colour-white colour-clear colour-teak colour-mahogany
  • Vanity Varnish is color pigment powder that can be mixed with Colortone Varnish to bring color to your wood and your life. The different individual colors can be mixed with one another to create the ideal preference of any other shade of color. Any Vanity Varnish colors mixed with Colortones Wood Varnish in Clear, will produce a water washed finish, whilst mixed with Colortone Wood Coat in white, will produce a pastel finish. Vanity Varnish and Colortone have joined forces to take this exciting new product to the retail paint and hardware, art and craft stores. Vanity Varnish is available in 13 colors.
  • Colortone Woodstain is a quality tested product with lasting properties containing a dye that has been formulated to inhibit quick drying time and a strong durable finish to give a true natural appearance.Colortone Woodstain is thinners based. Colortone Woodstain can be used on all interior wooden surfaces that require resurface finishing. Available in 500ml
    colour-oregan colour-LIGHT-OAK colour-teak colour-mahogany
    colour-imbuia  colour-ebony
  • COLORTONE floor varnish is an interior single pack lead free polyurethane wooden floor coating with a sheen finish, ideal for all types of interior wooden strip and parquet floors ie school halls, gym floors, staircases and domestic wooden floors. The high durability of COLORTONE floor varnish makes your floors stain and scratch resistant. Now available in  a matt or sheen finish.
  • Colortone Woodvarnish is a solvent based extertior/interior UV protective woodvarnish Colortone Woodvarnish is available in clear, dark oak, mahogany, merranti, teak and yellow wood
    colour-meranti colour-clear colour-teak colour-mahogany
    colour-dark-oak colour-yellowwood
  • Colortone Deck Varnish is a lead free water based exterior wooden deck coating for soft wood. Protecting your wooden decks from the suns harsh ultra violet rays and from all the walking traffic. Being waterbased Colortone deck varnish is easy to apply and cleaning of brushes with water is made so much easier. Colortone Deck Varnish is available in teak,mahogany and dark oak.
    colour-teak colour-mahogany colour-dark-oak
  • Colortone Deck Protector is an exterior solvent based lead free deck coating protecting your hardwood decks  from the harsh ultra violet rays and at the same time with standing the traffic over it. Colortone Deck Protector is available in teak, mahogany  and dark oak.
    colour-teak colour-mahogany colour-dark-oak
  • Colortone Woodseal is a solvent based exterior UV protective water repellent finish for wood. Colortone Woodeseal is available in clear, dark oak, mahogany, merranti and teak.
    colour-clear colour-dark-oak colour-mahogany colour-meranti
  • Colortone Super Paint Stripper is an easy to use brush on scrape off gel covering approximately six square meters per litre. Colortone Super Paint Stripper can be applied on wood,metal and stone surfaces coated with acrylics,oils,varnishes and laquers.
  • Colortone Sportsliner is a water based acrylic line marker ideal for marking sports fields.
  • MP90 is a safe,rapid drying,rust inhibiting water based anti rust coating. MP90 is a superior corrosion resistant primer for domestic and industrial metal surfaces. MP90 is a heavy primer coating with the broadest spectrum of properties for maintenance applications. Colours available : Red, Grey, Black and White. Pack size . 500ml,1lt,5lt and 20lt